Tuesday rant of the day – BAD MANNERS!!!

Bad manners have always been a pet peeve of mine, how hard is it to say  “Please.” and “Thank you.”? Not hard, three very simple words. How hard is it for you to hold that door/gate open an extra second for someone else? Nope not hard either. How hard is it to not push past someone queueing up in front of you, just so you can be first on the bus? Not hard. Manners! Where have they gone? Like I said at the beginning bad manners have always annoyed me but it seems with pregnancy bad manners annoy me even more so, even to the extent where I find myself at times commenting on it to the person who has been rude and yes I realise the irony in that in a way that is me being bad mannered.

My parents brought me up to be respectful and kind to people, to help those that need help and to always say please and thank you. This is something I’ve tried to carry on through my life and with hubby to pass good manners onto our son. And we must be doing something right as hubby and I are often commented on about how polite our son is and how he always says please and thank you and tries to help others. Sure he could maybe practice the manners a little more at home but 9 out of 10 times isn’t bad by my reckoning for a six year old boy.

They say that society is breaking down and it isn’t how it was in the olden days, maybe it is maybe it isn’t. Personally I think it is a little broken. Maybe if people were more polite and kinder to each other society wouldn’t be as bad as it is said it is. Maybe teaching manners should be put on the school’s national curriculum, or maybe we should all just go back into our little shells and not use manners and become even more of a broken society.

So next time you’re at the shops and you’re entering/exiting just have a quick look round as you go through the doors to see if someone behind  needs you to hold open that door, or if someone does the same for you say “Thank you”. It does make a difference and it puts a smile on someone’s face to know that all isn’t lost  and who knows maybe that we’ll have less bad mannered people around and more good mannered people.


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I’m pregnant, I’m emotional, I’m tired and I can’t eat some of my favourite foods any more. I think I’m entitled to a rant and rave So Come hope on in and have a rant, get it off your chest and hopefully we can have a laugh and feel better afterwards.

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